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Our services

Traditional Thai Massage


Traditional Full body

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive massage that targets all major muscle groups, relieving tension and promoting overall wellness.


Oil Massage

Enjoy the soothing effects of warm oil combined with gentle, flowing massage to deeply nourish your skin and enhance relaxation


Hot Stone Massage

One of our most popular treatments, especially during a cold Melbourne Winter! With heated tables and nurturing basalt stones that have been warmed to help relax and soothe sore muscles


Head / Neck / Shoulders

Focus on areas often prone to stress and stiffness with a targeted massage designed to alleviate headaches, neck pain and shoulder tension


Sports Massage

Sports massage can be beneficial both before and after athletic events, helping to prepare the body for peak performance and facilitate quicker recovery.


Body Scrub

Body Scrubs rejuvenate your skin, remove dead skin cells and bring a glowing lustre to your skins appearance. Experience happier, healthier, younger looking skin.


Foot Massage

Refresh and revitalise your feet with a therapeutic massage that stimulates your reflex points, improving circulation and having you walk out like you are walking on air


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First time of so many for sure.
A great place to enjoy a great genuine massage. Thanks Am
Amazing massage, perfect ambiance and great service for an affordable price! Will be coming back regularly and I definitely would recommend to anyone who loves a relaxing deep tissue massage.
Great massage Am has strong hands and a gentle touch. Definitely will come back. Keep up the good work Am!